Scientific knowledge and network of ACGPUBS give to establish experienced teams of organic chemists. Our teams can provide the custom organic componds synthesis of almost any small molecule compound, including substrates, inhibitors and activators. We offer different fluorescent dyes and prepare intermediates, reference compounds, starting materials, impuruties for pharmaceutical companies and derivatives of lead compounds. All organic compounds produced in our facility are made to order in scales ranging from milligram to multi-gram quantities.

To start the projects, simply send an e mail us and provide the chemical name, structure or CAS number and our experienced scientific team will design the organic synthetic route and ship the product with your desired purity level. You can also provide us with any known literature methods and/or your own existing synthetic route, including experimental details, reaction times, temperatures, solvents and concentrations, work-up procedures, purification methods, yields and any analytical data. The more information you provide us with, the shorter the turnaround time and the more competitively priced the project will be. Contact us for much more information about our contract organic compound synthesis service.